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5 Books That Influenced My Parenting

If you've been reading my blog for any time you'll have worked out that I love reading!  I read many parenting books, especially when my children were younger.  Here I've chosen 5 of these books that have influenced my parenting. Parenting in the Pew:  Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Worship by Robbie Castleman… Continue reading 5 Books That Influenced My Parenting


July 2018 Reading Log

I managed to finish 3 books in July: The Great Escape:  health, wealth and the origins of inequality by Angus Deaton Talks about how much the world has changed, particularly since WWII.  How combating childhood illnesses has increased life expectancy and how many nations are better off.  But this has created a bigger gap between… Continue reading July 2018 Reading Log


June 2018 Reading Log

I'm a little late but here's what I finished reading in June. I finished 2 books: Mothers & Others - Edited by Maggie Scott, Miriam Sved, Christie Nieman, Maya Linden and Natalie Kon-yu This is a collection of fiction & non-fiction short stories by Australian writers.  Some of the women are mothers and some are… Continue reading June 2018 Reading Log