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GF Raspberry Coconut Slice

The original recipe was in our Day to Day Cookery Cookbook.  This was the cookbook we used for school Home Economics lessons at high school.  My mother had a copy of this cookbook so I didn't get to have a newer edition.  I remember visiting my friend (when I was in high school) one weekend… Continue reading GF Raspberry Coconut Slice

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Feed My Family Fortnightly Friday Four

I'm starting a newsletter for this blog. I'm planning on publishing it fortnightly on a Friday. Now, I don't usually subscribe to newsletters that just show recent blog posts.  If I want to follow & read a certain blog I will either add it to my WordPress or Feedly Reader.  However I do subscribe to… Continue reading Feed My Family Fortnightly Friday Four

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It’s more than Physical Nourishment

While this blog has been mainly about trying to feed my family whilst dealing with multiple food intolerance's, I would like it to be more than that. Over the years that I have been a mother (16+), I have not only been conscious of what I have physically been feeding my family but also what… Continue reading It’s more than Physical Nourishment

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How my Family’s Food Intolerances has been Good for Me

It is so easy to focus on what we can't eat now but I was reminded from reading this post from Adventures of an Allergic Foodie, that changing our diet has had very positive effects to us as well. My son was only 9 when he was first diagnosed with food intolerances, see more of his story… Continue reading How my Family’s Food Intolerances has been Good for Me