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Last Week’s Menu – 13 February 2017

Last week I managed to make a couple of quiche like slices for my children to try as lunch options.  I made No Green Stuff Veggie Slice which I took to my friends house for lunch with a small group of ladies.  There were a couple of slices left but my children didn't try it.  I also… Continue reading Last Week’s Menu – 13 February 2017

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Last Weeks Menu – 25 April

Dinners: Monday - Creamy Tomato Chicken Tuesday - Baja Steak (steak cooked on the BBQ, served with lime rice mixed with capsicum and tomato) Wednesday - Pizza including a homemade gluten and dairy free pizza.  We were celebrating 2 birthdays. Thursday & Friday- Burritos/Nachos Saturday - Chicken Nuggets (just cut chicken breast into nugget size… Continue reading Last Weeks Menu – 25 April

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Last Weeks Menu – 1 Feb

As my son returned to school last week.  I did some baking in preparation for that.  For lunches I made Pizza Scrolls.  He only went to school for 3 days so I had some left for today. I also made some Choc Crunch Granola, Seed Toast, chilli roasted trail mix (I used some almonds as well… Continue reading Last Weeks Menu – 1 Feb

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Last Weeks Menu – 9 November

Our dinners consisted of: Monday:  Spicy BBQ Chicken, used this recipe but we just marinated the chicken, cooked it on the BBQ and made the rice in a tupperware microwave rice cooker.  I had marinated the chicken earlier in the day as I was out closer to dinner time and then my husband could start… Continue reading Last Weeks Menu – 9 November

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Last Weeks Menu – 28 Sept

This week I've been trying some new breakfast ideas.  Thanks to Caralee from Real Food Pledge I've been using some of her breakfast recipes from her 7 Day Breakfast Revolution Challenge.  I've enjoyed all the recipes I've had so far and will make many of them again.  Breakfast in the past week has included Tomato, Avacado… Continue reading Last Weeks Menu – 28 Sept