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Maple Quinoa Biscuits

These biscuits are based on some Honey Oat Biscuits from Itchin' Kitchen.  Based on Jess' suggestions for making them oat free I have used a mix of quinoa flakes, organic desiccated coconut & hazelnut meal or flax seed meal.  I used a mix of brown rice flour, corn starch, tapioca flour and yellow maize flour. … Continue reading Maple Quinoa Biscuits

Mind, Soul

Learning To Solve Crosswords and Learning About Faith

This morning my daughter asked me to check the answers that she had in a crossword puzzle that had both cryptic and straight clues.  After checking the answers that she had filled in, I helped her with a couple more clues.  As I gave her some hints or told her what a few of the… Continue reading Learning To Solve Crosswords and Learning About Faith


July 2018 Reading Log

I managed to finish 3 books in July: The Great Escape:  health, wealth and the origins of inequality by Angus Deaton Talks about how much the world has changed, particularly since WWII.  How combating childhood illnesses has increased life expectancy and how many nations are better off.  But this has created a bigger gap between… Continue reading July 2018 Reading Log