Resurrection Cookies

A tradition that I started with my children when they were tiny is the making of resurrection cookies on the Saturday night before Easter Sunday.  It is a family activity and as each ingredient is added a little bit of the Easter story is explained and there is a Bible passage to look up.  Finally the cookies are placed in the oven, the oven is turned off and sealed with tape and left over night.  Just like Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb and the tomb was sealed.  The next morning on Easter Sunday the oven is unsealed and everyone gets to try the cookies.  As they are meringues they are hollow inside and we can proclaim that Jesus is risen.  Fortunately with all our food intolerances this is a recipe that we can still use without adaptation.

resurrection cookies

I have had the Easter Story Cookie recipe for so long that my original website source no longer exists.  When I was sharing this recipe at MOPS a few years ago, I went searching for this recipe so I could put a new website reference on it and came across the recipe absolutely everywhere on the web.  If you google Easter Story Cookies or Resurrection Cookies you will find the same recipe in so many places.  In comments on one of the recipes someone referenced us back to this site.  This is the site of Traci who is the daughter of Wanda Long  (who was the first food editor of Home Life Magazine 1993-1996).  Wanda submitted this recipe to the magazine during her time as food editor.

A few years ago we were going to my Mum & Dad’s for dinner on the Saturday night before Easter Sunday.  My brother & his family was also there.  We made the recipe up together.  The recipe fills 3 trays so we left 1 tray with Mum & Dad, my brother’s family took 1 tray & we took the other.  This way we could all finish the story on Easter Sunday & enjoy the Resurrection Cookies.

Do you have any traditions for Easter?

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