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Smartphone Prayers

smartphone-1281669__340Recently I tried a new spiritual practice with my family in our regular after dinner devotion time.  We read the Bible as per normal but then I asked everyone to get their phones.  Normally phones would not be at the table during dinner or devotion time.  As my children are both in their later teen years they both have smartphones.  After explaining that we were going to use different sections on the phone for a minute each to help with individual, silent prayer; I set the timer on my phone & we began.

The first minute was to pray for the last 5 people in your text messages.  My son texted both my husband & I with 2 messages – “I’m praying 4 you” & “Rn”(right now).  I think he was aiming for our phones to make a noise.  We continued on through all the 5 sections.  Just after I explained each section there was much talking but generally once the minute was underway, everyone quietened down.

At the end we used some questions to talk about the activity.  My husband shared how the photos he had of the old breaking, data projector reminded him to be thankful that someone had given the church a newer data projector to use.  He shared how he thought that God had a hand in this.

This is a practice that was good to use for a change although I would probably not use it every time we do after dinner devotions, as I like to pray aloud as well.  I did encourage everyone to consider praying for others as you scroll your social media during your day, or to message someone when you are thinking of or praying for them.

This practice came from Faithful Families, a new book by Traci Smith, that has recently been released.  I FaithfulFamiliesiPadwas privileged to receive an advance digital copy for the purposes of promoting the book. I can’t wait until I get a physical copy.

Although I wish Faithful Families had been around when my children where younger there are still plenty of ideas in the book that I want to use.  The book has 50 ideas in 3 sections and includes ideas for all ages, that can be practiced from any Christian perspective.  Part 1 includes Traditions for Every Day & Holidays, while Part 2 includes Ceremonies for Marking Life’s Transitions & Difficult Times and Part 3 includes Spiritual Practices of Prayer, Ancient Spiritual Practices & other Spiritual Practices.

I’m looking forward to using “Bless the New Driver” (when my son gets his licence in about a months time) & “The Ignation Examen”, among others.   There is also a “Guide for Grandparents” & a “Guide for Ministers and Ministry Leaders”.   I would like to share some of the practices with others in my congregation, not just with parents but with grandparents & others as well.

Have you tried a new tradition or practice with your family lately?  If so I’d love to hear about it.

Below is a list of other bloggers who will be sharing about FaithFul Families, if you want to see what they’ve got to say about the book.



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