I’m Nuts About You

I was giving a few gift cards for Christmas and looking for ways to present them that was a bit more exciting than the gift card in a Christmas card.  I saw this teacher gift  idea with a gift card presented in a jar of M&M’s with a poem.  However as it wasn’t a teacher gift and both my dad & brother enjoy savoury more than sweet, I kept looking.  I didn’t find anything else totally appealing & easy so I decided to put the gift cards in a jar of nuts.

I labelled the jars “We’re nuts about you!  So this jar contains a sweet gift.”  The jars contained a layer of Cashew nuts, followed by Brazil nuts and some Ancient Grain Twists. I added the gift card after a small layer of nuts on the bottom and then put the other nuts & twists around the gift card.   The Ancient Grain Twists were hot & spicy so I knew my father and brother would enjoy them.  As my other gift cards were going with other gifts I just wrapped them with the other gift.

What different ways have you presented a gift card?

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