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Pirate & Fairy 18th – Food

My daughter recently turned 18.  She decided to have a Pirate & Fairy kids themed birthday party complete with party games.  We held it during the day and about 20 of her friends came.  I think partly because both her brother & father both have multiple food intolerances she wanted to cater for everyone’s dietary needs.

Therefore we needed to cater for vegetarian, pescetarian, coeliac, no pork, peanut allergy and a couple of people with multiple food intolerances.  We made different options so that there was something for everyone.  Everything was labelled so people could easily tell what they could eat.  The birthday cake was the trickiest part.  We made 2 types of cakes.  The largest was just a 3 packet mixes that most people could eat but the other double layer cake needed to be gluten, dairy, egg, cocoa & certain colours free so that the coeliac and those with multiple food intolerances could eat it.


My go to gluten, dairy & egg free cake has cocoa in it so we needed to adapt the recipe.  I found a very similar recipe online with adaptions.  So I just subbed the vinegar for lemon juice and left out the cocoa to make a gluten, dairy & egg free lemon cake.  We iced in a colour that was ok for all to eat.  It didn’t look like it had quite worked but tasted nice enough.  In fact one of the guests  who ate it, asked for some to take home to her sister, as she could eat it as well.  There was a small cake board between the 2 cakes so it was fairly easy to separate the cakes for cutting & distributing.

Other food included:

  • “fish and chips” (packet of plain potato chips with fish lollies)
  • fruit platter & marshmallows with chocolate fountain
  • fairy bread
  • nutella fairy bread
  • fairy balls – cheese & bacon balls
  • Gluten, Dairy & Egg free wand and fish biscuits
  • french onion dip (GF) with rice crackers, carrot & celery sticks
  • semi-dried tomato, capsicum & macadamia nut dip with rice crackers, carrot & celery sticks
  • Camembert cheese & rice crackers
  • toadstools – cheese (some DF Bio Cheese or cucumber stems with tomato tops (they were supposed to have mayonnaise spots but it was too hard so we left them plain)
  • pirate jelly boats
  • frozen jelly fairies
  • fairy teacup biscuits
  • enchanted (jelly)beans
  • cannonballs – maltesers & jaffas
  • marshmallow pirates
  • carrot lollies (just because my daughter loves carrots)

Lunch food included:

  • fishfingers, calamari & chips
  • gluten free fish for those that couldn’t eat the fishfingers
  • octopus cheerios
  • cannonballs – meatballs (gluten, dairy & egg free)
  • egg & lettuce sandwiches
  • spring rolls (vegetarian)
  • garlic bread
  • treasure map pizzas (1 gluten, dairy & egg free, 1 vegetarian, 1 ham & pineapple and 1 chicken & pineapple)

Everyone had plenty to eat & no one went home hungry.


  • softdrink
  • juice
  • morning dew (punch)
  • water

We actually had the friends party one day and a party with extended family the next day.  We had enough food left that we really didn’t need to make more for the second day. As the second party was just afternoon tea we didn’t have any of the hot food.  I made fresh fairy bread, including some GF fairy bread for my niece who is a coeliac.  There was so much cake left that I just iced the cut cakes and served them side my side.

How do you cater for different dietary requirements at parties?

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