November Reading Log

Reading Log November 2018The Most Good You Can Do by Peter Singer

Peter Singer shares many stories of people who are living on less or using their wealth to help others less fortunate than them.  He also talks a lot about working out who is going to benefit most from the help and how to best use your money to help others.  As the title suggests it’s about how can my money do the most good.

In this Moment by Karen Kingsbury

This is the story of a High School Principal who works in a school with many troubled students coping with difficult home lives.  In order to help them he starts a voluntary Bible Study.  This helps the students in ways that he couldn’t imagine but then a parent files a lawsuit against him for violating his daughter’s rights.  He refuses to back down so it goes to trial.

The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert

The Dark room shares 3 German stories from World War II.  The first is of a boy who is born with a slight physical disability and is 18 when the war starts but is not able to join the army.   This is his story of going through the war in Berlin.  The second story is of a 12 year old girl who guides her younger siblings across occupied Germany at the end of the war to lead them safely to her Grandmother.  The last story occurs 50 years later of a young man looking back and struggling to deal with what his grandfather may have done as an SS officer during the war.

I read 3 books this month so that brings my total books read for the year so far to 53 books.

What have you been reading lately?


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