World Kindness Day

It’s World Kindness Day, held on 13 November every year.

Showing kindness doesn’t have to be a big thing.  It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger you pass in the street.  It’s about observing the world around you and seeing how you can show kindness to someone.   You might show kindness to a family member, a friend or a complete stranger.

Smiley Face

I can clearly remember when I was grocery shopping with a baby in a pouch and a toddler in the trolley.  The man in the line behind me, unloaded my shopping trolley for me at the cash register.  A simple act that made my day at the time.  Now, this was about 18 years ago, so it was significant for me to remember it.

Brooke Jones the Vice President of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation says “We have to make kindness the norm, not the exception.”  The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation shares these 7 ways to start making kindness the norm in your everyday life.

7 ways to start making kindness the norm - text, let people in, include intentional moments, go out of comfort zone, compliment, reach out, treat

Send an uplifting message"If Life gives you lemons ..." thinking of you card

It’s fairly easy to send a text or Facebook message to let someone know that you’re thinking of them.  I sometimes like to send people a card, particularly if I know that there is something going on in their life.  A favourite one that I sent to a few people last year was one that said “They say that Life gives you Lemons, you should make lemonade.  What if life gives you Brussels Sprouts?”  Who could you message or send a note to?

Let someone in

Let that person merge in front of you in the traffic, this simple act of kindness might improve someones day.   Or let that person in front of you at the grocery store, especially if they’ve only got a few items.  Where can you let someone else go first?

boy holding a book and laughingBe Intentional with Kindness

Plan to be kind to others but also yourself.  Smile at people as you go about your day.  Take time to sit and enjoy the view.  Be grateful.  How can you be intentional with kindness to yourself & others?


Go slightly outside of your comfort zone

One day I was filling my car up with petrol and noticed that a lady was crying.  I actually drove out of the petrol station but then pulled over & told the kids to wait in the car.  I ran back to the lady & asked her if she was ok.  She told me that a nasty neighbour had purposely run over her cat.  I didn’t do much but I’m glad I stopped to check.  Hopefully my small act of kindness helped this lady’s grief in some way.  There is no way that I do this daily or always act on my impulses to show random acts of kindness.  Last year I was paying for my petrol & felt a real urge to pay for another persons petrol.  I didn’t & got back in the car, drove & heard on the radio that it was World Kindness Day, boy did I wish I had acted on my impulse.  How can you go slightly out of your comfort zone to show kindness?

smiley face flower surrounded by colourful flowers

Share a compliment

Who can you compliment today?  We all need more positive comments to out-weigh the negative comments that we hear & tell ourselves.  Tell your kids they did a good job when they have.  Find the good in people and compliment them.

Reach Out to Someone You haven’t spoken to in a while

This point goes with the first one.  Check-in and tell someone that you’re thinking off them and ask them how their going.  Who’s been on your mind that you can you reach out to today?

Treat Someonetwo hands holding onto a coffee cup each

I’ve often taken someone out or been taken out for “coffee”.  (I actually don’t drink coffee so for me it is more likely to be juice or dairy free hot chocolate).  I was actually treated this morning.  My friend bought me lunch recently as a late birthday treat.  Who can you treat today?


How have you been shown kindness?  Who can you show kindness to today?

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