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Vanilla Cupcake Day

Today is Vanilla Cupcake Day.   When I was little cupcakes used to be called Patty Cakes here in Australia, as you baked them in patty pans.  I just pulled a a box of the papers out of my pantry & they called them ‘cupcake patty pan set’.

patty pans.jpg


Anyhow I thought I’d share a few links to some gluten and dairy free cupcakes.  As I said in my post on Chocolate Cupcake Day, making things chocolaty can help hide the fact that they’re gluten free.  Therefore I don’t have many vanilla cupcake recipes.


Coconut Cupcakes

This would be the cupcake recipe that I use the most.  I usually replace the buckwheat flour with tapioca flour and use maple syrup as the sweetener.  I’ll often use almond milk instead of coconut milk.  These are a lovely moist cupcake that can be eaten as is or iced if you desire.

Moist Vanilla Cake

You could use any gluten free vanilla cake recipe to make vanilla cupcakes.  I would use my own gluten free flour blend in this one.  I’d usually use almond milk instead of coconut milk and olive oil or butter/nuttelex instead of palm oil.

Vanilla Almond Cake

Another recipe that could be made into cupcakes.  This recipe uses spelt flour but like most Itchn’ Kitchen recipes has instructions to make it coeliac friendly (which is how I’ve used this recipe).

Paleo Vanilla Cupcake

Based on coconut flour.  Again I’d swap the palm shortening for butter or olive oil.

Not as many recipes as for chocolate cupcakes but still a good collection.

Do you have a favourite gluten and dairy free vanilla cupcake recipe.


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