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WordCamp Brisbane 2018

I attended my first WordCamp last weekend.  WordCamp’s happen all over the world and are for anyone using WordPress in any way; developers, web designers, copy writers, business owners, bloggers etc.

Here’s a bit about what happened at WordCamp Brisbane 2018 and what I learnt over the weekend:

They asked for volunteers to help over the weekend.  I put my name down to do this as I thought this might be a good way to get to know some other people.  As it turned out this was one of the tips given in the How to Make the Most of Your WordCamp Experience talk given by Sally Eberhardt.

WordCamp Registration.jpg


There were many great talks, some aimed at beginners but many aimed at copywriters and website designers.  Some talks were more useful to me than others but I think I gained something from every talk that I attended.

Everyone was very friendly and easy to talk to.  I think I wrote something down after nearly every break as I’d learnt something from talking to others during the breaks.  Things like BookRix is a great self publishing company for ebooks that helps get your book listed in major ebook stores.  To learning about shoe shop in the city – Children of the Revolution that sells shoes that are good for your feet.  To why you should use facebooks ads with a 1 day campaign rather than simply boosting your posts.

During lunch on the first day someone asked me what I do & I answered “I’m just a blogger.”  She said no one is a just an anything.  After that I was more confident to say “I’m a blogger” when asked what I do with WordPress.

During the Podcasting with WordPress talk someone asked about how effective podcasting is compared to video.  Tony the presenter asked how many people had listened to a podcast on the way to WordCamp and quite a few hands went up.  He then asked how many people had watched a video today and only a couple of hands went up.  It is easier to listen to podcasts while your doing other things such as driving.  Apparently a much higher percentage of podcasts are consumed than YouTube clips or Facebook live videos.    Do you listen to podcasts or watch Facebook live videos?

A presenter shared this quote from Jon Sinclair “Failure is like a bruise, not a tattoo.”  This resonated with me.

I’ve been playing with this great site – AnswerthePublic.com.  You can type in any topic and it will give you all the questions people are asking about that topic.  This could be very useful for content creation.

This is just a few things that I learnt at WordCamp last weekend.

Where do you network and meet with others?  What have you been learning about lately?

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