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5 Blogs for Recipes that we can use

I’ve been making dairy free & soy free recipes for about 8 years now, since my son was first diagnosed with his food intolerances.  And then we added gluten free & sulphite free recipes to that about 2 years later, when my husband was tested.  So I have had lots of time to find sources for recipes that we can use or can easily be adapted for us to use.

So here are a few of my favourite blogs that I’ve found:

  • Quirky Cooking – Jo started this site with allergy friendly, healthy recipes, tips & meal plans but now has much more information about gut health.  I found it very helpful for dairy substitutes when I first found the site.  I have both the Quirky Cooking and Life Changing Food Cookbooks & use both regularly, along with recipes & tips from the site.
  • Itchn’ Kitchen – catering for 4 kids with a range of more than 10 food allergies and sensitivities.  Jess often gives ideas for other substitutions which I often follow or adapt for our use.
  • Against All Grain – Danielle shares her story and many Paleo recipes that she has developed.  I found this site early in our food intolerance journey and have her first cookbook.
  • Real Food Pledge – Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar free recipes.  I was a secret squirrel tester for 2 recipes in her first cook book, both of which I still cook.
  • Clever Cook – Although Sarah no longer blogs,  many fantastic recipes can still be found on this site.  Sarah’s another Australian who avoids gluten and dairy, so many of her recipes are good for us to use.

I have many more saved & printed recipes from other food blogs.  Some of which I have linked to on my menu ideas page.  I find that paleo and vegan recipes are often safe for us to use or easy to adapt so that they are free from everything that we need to avoid.

What are your go to blogs for recipes that your family can eat?

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