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Board Games for All Ages

When our friends were staying with us recently we played a number of board games which were enjoyed by ages 8+.   Board games teach many skills such as turn taking, patience, how to lose gracefully and following rules.

Phase 10The favourite during the whole visit was Phase 10.  A game with a special set of cards which seems to be based on “Frustration” a game played with 2 packs of normal cards.  There are 10 phases to go through and you can move onto the next phase and until you get the previous one on the board.  Therefore in one round different players can be on different phases.  We often played this game over several sittings.


Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap was probably a favourite of the 8 year old but was played with all ages.



Rivers, Roads, Rails

Rivers, Roads & Rails a game a bit like dominoes but better was another favourite.  This one has been a favourite with our young friends for many years.



We also played Word Around, Name That, Junior Pictionary, Monoply, Monoply Deal, Risk and Iota.

Another game that is good for children and adults to play together is Dobble or it can be called Spot It.  And there’s also the classic Uno.


What board games do you like to play with your family or friends?

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