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Why Faith At Home is Important

If you've seen my recent updated About page you will see that passing on faith is important to me.  Why do I believe that passing on faith at home is important?  Firstly as I've said in previous articles  you pass on faith and values to your children whether or not you are intentional about.  This is… Continue reading Why Faith At Home is Important

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Board Games for All Ages

When our friends were staying with us recently we played a number of board games which were enjoyed by ages 8+.   Board games teach many skills such as turn taking, patience, how to lose gracefully and following rules. The favourite during the whole visit was Phase 10.  A game with a special set of cards… Continue reading Board Games for All Ages


Make New Friends but Keep the Old

Recently we had an 'old' friend and her family staying with us for the best part of 5 weeks.  We've been friends for 30 years.  Since then I've been pondering the importance of friendship, having old friends but making new friends as well. I've been thinking about the old song (that I must have learnt… Continue reading Make New Friends but Keep the Old


World Suicide Prevention Day

When I was about 13 a member of my extended family members suicided.  My mother was quite open about it and I can clearly remember her talking to us about it.  Mental health issues affect or have affected a number of members of my extended family including my mother.  My parents were always quite open… Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day

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Chicken Month (including a recipe)

Apparently it's Chicken Month in September, among other things.  We usually eat a meal with chicken in it once or twice a week.  This week we've had Chicken Pot Pies and then used the same chicken mixture to make Chicken Pasties. Other chicken dishes that my family enjoys include Grain Free Chicken Schnitzels with an almond… Continue reading Chicken Month (including a recipe)