June 2018 Reading Log

I’m a little late but here’s what I finished reading in June.

Reading Log June 2018

I finished 2 books:

Mothers & Others – Edited by Maggie Scott, Miriam Sved, Christie Nieman, Maya Linden and Natalie Kon-yu

This is a collection of fiction & non-fiction short stories by Australian writers.  Some of the women are mothers and some are not.  Some are writing about being a mother or about their mothers or about why they are not mothers.  It was a very interesting read from a wide variety of authors and made me think a lot about motherhood and how society perceives mothers or women who aren’t mothers for whatever reason.

The Mystery Gut by Prof Kerryn Phelps AM with Dr Claudia Lee & Jaime Rose Chambers

I was looking in the library for a book about the GAPS diet & came across this book.  It was an interesting book that looks quite thoroughly at gut issues and what might be causing gut issues.  It was interested to learn how much the gut can affect the rest of the body.  At the back of the book are some recipes to help with digestive issues depending on what you might need to alter in your diet.

So with just 2 books finished in June that brings my total to 32 books read in the first 6 months of the year.  That is 3 books more than I had read this time last year.

What have you been reading lately?



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