Cooking Fails

Many posts online show beautifully cooked food but you don’t always see how many fails may have happened along the way.  Today I thought I’d share a few of my cooking failures to show that things don’t always work out.  There aren’t many images of my cooking gone wrong as I don’t tend to take photos of the failures.

One that immediately comes to mind was the time I managed to melt the plastic cooking spoon that I had been stirring with.  I must have been cooking some sort of hot sugary syrup type thing & left the spoon sitting in the saucepan.  When I came back to it the spoon had started to melt.  Needless to say I had to make whatever it was all over again.

When it comes to cooking gluten free I’ve had a few cooking fails.  Many a time I’ve tried to make gluten free cookies only to end up with cookies that spread too much & I ended up with one large flat, hard cookie that covered the entire tray.  I do have a few tried & tested gluten free cookie recipes that do work & think that using eggs often helps them keep their shape.

When I went to make a number 8 cake as part of my son’s 18th birthday cake I only had one ring tin or bundt pan.  I remember reading somewhere about using a can in the centre of a normal ring pan.  I had an empty can as I was making a magic bean cake & placed this in the ring pan.  I poured the mixture around the can but when it baked the rising cake knocked over the tin.  In hindsight I should have put something in the can to weigh it down.

For Mother’s Day we had both our Mum’s over on 2 different days and I was making a potato bake for each day.  I thought I’d make both of them up on the first day & par cook the one for the second day.  I had heard that raw potato goes black if it is cut and left without cooking.  Unfortunately I mustn’t have cooked the 2nd potato bake long enough as all of the top was black the next day.  I managed to salvaged enough, the stuff that was covered by other ingredients seemed to be okay.  Apparently blackened potatoes are still safe to eat but just not very appealing.  Next time I’ll fully cook the potato bake & just reheat it the next day.

That’s just a few of my kitchen fails.  What cooking disasters have you had?

2 thoughts on “Cooking Fails”

  1. Good to know I’m not the only one. I’ve had the cookies spread into one big mess too. I guess the most infuriating one for me was when I was trying a new gf choc cake recipe. It called for some rather pricey ingredients I didn’t usually keep on hand. The cake was made and when I was getting ready to frost it I reached up in the cupboard to get something and knocked out an open carton of baking soda. Ended up with a big dent in the middle of the cake from the carton and a nice layer of soda all over the cake. I had so much money invested in the cake I wouldn’t throw it away. I fished the carton out of the middle of the cake, scraped off the soda and filled in the holes with frosting.

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