April 2018 Reading Log

Reading Log April 2018

This month I read 8 books:

The Celtic Stone by Nick Hawkes

I attended a book fair in March.  This is one of the books that I bought at the fair.  I really enjoyed this story as it was set in both Australia & Scotland.  Many of the places mentioned in the book I had been too.  It is about a man (Chris) who is injured in a plane crash & unable to be a pilot anymore.  The story is not only about his healing & coming to terms with his injury but healing for others as well.

Above the Line Series by Karen Kingsbury

This was a series of  4 books:

  • Take One
  • Take Two
  • Take Three
  • Take Four

This series is part of the Baxter Family series of books, so we learn more of their story in this series of books.   We are also introduced to some new characters who are trying to change lives through the power of film (hence the title for each of the books in the series).

Miracles From Heaven by Christy Wilson Beam

This is the true story that inspired the film by the same name.  Christy is the mother of  daughter, Annabel who was struggling with a chronic illness.  After an accident, they thought things would be worse for her daughter but slowly they realised that she was no longer sick.  After the accident, Annabel shares her story of visiting Heaven & meeting Jesus.  A very powerful true story.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam


Another book that I bought at the book fair.  This is actually 3 ebooks that have been combined into 1 book.  It also includes What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend and What the Most Sucessful People Do at Work.  The book suggests keeping a time log for a week and then looking at where you can make tweaks & changes to fit in what you want to achieve.  A reminder that we all have 168hrs in a week & can choose what we do with our time.

Why Forgive? by Johann Christoph Arnold

I was given a few books by this author at a conference a few years ago.  I wasn’t sure about the theology behind the books so haven’t ready any of them until now.  In this book Arnold shares why forgiveness is important through lots of stories from many ordinary people.  It was a powerful book and easy to read as it’s full of real stories.

So with 8 books read this month, it brings my total for the year so far to 24 books.

What have you been reading lately?





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