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Heart Dinner

To celebrate Valentine’s Day (or proposal day as it’s called in our house) I turned our basic family meal into a heart shaped meal.

Full heart meal

Our dinner was rissoles served with potato/sweet potato, carrots & peas.  My husband even put his sauce on in a heart shape, as pictured above.

I used my rissole recipe but just shaped the meat into heart shapes using a pancake heart shaped “ring” that I had.  You could also use a large heart shaped cookie cutter.

making heart rissoles

I just pressed the meat into the heart shape on a chopping board and carefully coated it in the yellow maize flour before placing into the frypan.  A few of therissoles needed to be slightly re-molded in the pan but mostly they kept their shape.  My husband even commented that these rissoles held there shape better than normal. I think I need to make flatter rissoles, more like meat patties, more often.

To make the heart shaped potatoes I just peeled & sliced the potato as per normal.  Then cut the potato into thin slices, before using a small, metal heart shaped cookie cutter to cut potatoes.  So this meant we had heart shapes as well as heart outlines.  I cooked the potatoes in the air-fryer.

potato hearts

For dessert I made the chocolate custard from this Hazelnut & Chocolate Torte recipe and served it in heart shaped dishes.  The chocolate custard itself is dairy free but we did eat it with some cream.

chocolate custard

A simple but special meal!

Do you usually celebrate Valentine’s Day?






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