January 2018 Reading Log

Every month last year I blogged about the books that I read.  I wasn’t sure how many I would read but I managed to read a total of 60 books.  I’m going to keep a reading log again this year.  Will I manage to read more books?

Reading LogJanuary 2018

These are the books that I finished in January:

High Stakes by Fern Michaels

Men of the sisterhood help Toby Mason who is working as a dancer at the Supper Club which is a front for a major drug trafficking operation.  Will they be able to help Toby Mason get away from this work?  This is a whole series of books, I’ve never read any of them before & not sure that I’ll read anymore.

The Will to Fly by Lydia Lassila

An autobiography about an Australian freestyle aerial skier.  Her story of growing up & moving from gymnastics to the winter sport of freestyle aerial skier, in a country that is know for it summer activities.  She became the first female to perform a jump previously attempted by men only.   Also a documentary.

Up Came a Squatter:  Neil Black of Glenormiston, 1839 – 1880 by Maggie Black

This is the story of Neil Black who emigrated from Scotland to Australia & became one of the most successful squatters in the Western District of Victoria.  It is written by his great-granddaughter using letters from & to Neil Black, as well as his journals.  There are a number of Steuart’s (first/middle name) in the book, spelled this particular way.  Somewhere along the way we’ve stopped using that variation & it’s now either Stuart or Stewart.  I was intrigued by this as we have a Stuart in our family so I did a little bit of research, about the spelling of this name.

The Mitford Series books 1-5 by Jan Karon

I have read much of this series but not in order.  I thought I would read through them in order during this summer holidays.  I didn’t actually start until January as I borrowed so many other books from the library as well in December.  I had thought that there was 9 books in the series but there are now 14.  I managed to read the first 5 & will continue to read them on other holidays.

The five I read were:

  • At Home in Mitford
  • A light in the Window
  • These High, Green Hills
  • Out to Canann
  • A New Song

The Mitford Series books are about an Episcopalian Priest who has been the Priest in the church at Mitford for a number of years.  The first book starts with him sort of thinking about retirement.  By the 4th book he is retired.  Through the books you meet many of the people that Father Tim comes into contact with in the town of Mitford. They are a very real series of books & I think Father Tim is how any clergy should be.  He ends up getting married late in life & also “adopts” a boy that needs help.  This boy is assisted by a wealthy spinster who provides money to send him to school.  The way the books are written takes a little getting used to at first as it seems they jump from one thing to the next but you’re really just getting snippets of Father Tim’s life as he goes about his days.   These snippets tell the story & you get to know everyone as you go along.  Can’t wait to keep reading this series.

So that gives me a total of 8 books read in January.  In January last year I read 6 books so I’m 2 up on last year, at this stage.

What have you been reading lately?  Can you recommend any good series?


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