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Christmas Card Prayers

What do you do with your Christmas Cards at the end of the season?

Today I’ve pulled down my Christmas Cards.  The last couple of years I’ve made a string tree by taping the Christmas string to our glass bricks, with mini pegs to peg the cards on with.  I’ve added a star decoration at the top.  I always have trouble displaying my cards as we often get a beautiful breeze through the house.  The card tree lasted quite well, once I taped it correctly but it had started to fall down, so it was time for the cards to come down.


For the last 5 years or so we have then placed these cards into a box or basket.  A few times a week after dinner (whoever said grace before dinner), gets to choose a card & pray for the people who sent the card.  It is an easy idea to help remember who sent the cards.  You could keep repeating this as a basis for prayer cards to use all year.  We usually only do it once & then recycle the cards.  I usually keep any handmade cards for ideas.

Star basket2


Another idea would be to do something nice for the person/people who sent the card.  Or even just send them a message to let them know that you are thinking/praying for them.  Or even ask if they have any prayer needs.

What do you do with your Christmas cards, once they are taken down?


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