December Reading Log

This is my final reading log for 2017.  I’m still whether or not I’ll keep posting about what I’ve read each month but I think I will.  I managed to read quite a few books in December as we were away for a week & since Christmas I’ve had a bit of time to read.

Reading Log Dec.png

Here’s what I’ve read:

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp’s writing is always very thought provoking & I have been following her blog for a long time.  This book in many way follows on from “One Thousand Gifts”, another book by Ann.  We are all broken & out of our brokenness are called to be the gift & love others.  I highly recommend this book.

River Run by Nicole Alexander

I decided to read this as it was set in Australia.  A young lady returns to the home property for some time & space in the early 1950’s but what happens in the week of the story is anything but quiet.  A great read.

Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury

This is the 3rd book in the Angels Walking series.  The story is told from the human perspective & the perspective of the angels who are helping them.  You want to keep reading to see what happens.  When I read the 1st book I had to find the 2nd straight away.

The Party by Robyn Harding

A tragic accident occurs at a 16th birthday party & the story is about what happens afterwards mainly due to lies & betrayals that happened before, during & after the party.  It explores the issue of drug & alcohol use.

Loving Jack & Best Laid Plans by Nora Roberts

These 2 books had been reprinted as 2 stories in the one book.  The book was on the book shelves at the unit we stay at.  I have enjoyed reading Nora Roberts books in the past.  These 2 were more romance & less thriller than other Nora Roberts books that I have read.

The Chance by Karen Kingsbury

This is a stand-alone novel from Karen Kingsbury.  “The day before a teenage Ellie moved from Georgia to California, she & her best friend Nolan sat beneath the Spanish moss of an acient oak tree where they wrote letter to each other & buried them in a rusty old metal box.  The plan was to return eleven years later, did up the box, & read the letter.” This is part of the blurb.  We find out what has happened to both parties in the eleven years & see if they follow through on their plan.  There may have been some tears shed in this book.

The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson

A widowed lady makes sure her children & their families come home for Christmas.  She is getting married but the identity of the groom will not be revealed until the wedding day.  There are a few possible candidates.  A fun read.

Liverpool Angels by Lyn Andrews

2 cousins that are raised like sisters end up being field nurses together in France in World War 1.  This is the story of them, a brother, other neighbourhood friends & brothers and what happens to them during the war.

We That Are Left by Lisa Bigelow

Set mainly in Melbourne this book tells the story or 2 women who have a husband & a boyfriend, lost & captured respectively during World War 2.  Not many war novels are set in Australia & it was different to read it from the point of view of those left at home.

Leap of Faith by Jenny Patrick

Historical Fiction set in the early 1900’s when the railway line was being built across parts of the wilderness of New Zealand, including the building of the Makatote viaduct.  Based on conversations with the authors grandmother whose family were one of the working families helping build.  As always I’m amazed at what hard living & working conditions people endured & how easy we have it now.

Archipelago of Souls by Gregory Day

A returned World War 2 soldier settles on King Island after the war.  This story is about his time during the war when he is left behind on the Island of Crete when the allies evacuate.  You slowly learn something of his story on King Island & some of what happened to him on Crete.

Beneath a Burning Sky by Jenny Ashcroft

Set in the late 1800’s in Egypt.  Olivia has been forced to marry a cruel man & they live in Egypt where she is reunited with her sister that she hasn’t seen since she was a child.  Then her sister goes missing.  All is not as it seems.  This story was a real page turner as I wanted to know what happened.

In total I read 13 books in December.   Bringing me to a total of 59 books read in 2017.  When I started I wasn’t sure how many books that I would read in a year but almost made it to 60 books.

What books have you read lately?




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