Oh I do Like to Be Beside the Seaside!

We are enjoying time away at the beach, staying at our usual spot.  My husbands parents own a unit at Kings Beach, Caloundra on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  This is the view that we enjoy, as I’m writing this.

view from the unit

We enjoy surfing/swimming at the beach, going for walks & lots of reading.

A few months ago I was sent a Little Anna Doll from Anna at Beach Books Blog.  Anna’s dream is to open a bookshop by the sea with books about the sea.  She sends dolls to people all around the world to take photos at beaches that they visit.  Here are some photos of Anna at Kings Beach, Caloundra & on our unit balcony.

Thanks Anna for sharing Little Anna with us.  We’ll try & photograph her at other Queensland beaches when we visit them.



Author: Jillian

I'm a wife and mother to 2 teenagers. We have a number of food intolerances in our family so I spend some of my time cooking foods that we can all eat.

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