November Reading Log

I actually only finished 1 book this month but found a book that I forgot to add to a reading log a few months ago.  I was very close to finishing a 2nd book but it will be listed in next months reading log.

Reading Log Nov.png

So the book that I finished this month was:

Faith at Home:  A Handbook for Cautiously Christian Parents by Wendy Claire Barrie

I bought this book after listening to a PRC webinar led by the author titled “How to Support Cautiously Christian Parents”.  Wendy Claire Barrie is an Episcopalian & the book has lots of ideas that are specific to this denomination.  However I found it interesting to learn more about the Episcopal Church & there were still lots of great ideas for Faith at Home for anyone.  With this area being a passion of mine for a long time I knew a lot of the ideas but did learn some new ideas.  One idea I particularly liked was for your wedding anniversary – which was to read the verses that you had at your wedding service with your children.

The book I forgot on an earlier reading log was:

Built for Change: a practical theology of innovation & collaboration in leadership by Rev Dr Steve Taylor

I got this book as part of a short course I participated in at the end of last year & the beginning of this year.  The course was about being pioneering leaders & was based on 6 leadership traits that Rev Dr Steve Taylor has taken from 1 Corinthians 3 & 4.  The six leadership traits are Servant, Gardener, Builder, Resource Manager, Fool & Parent.  It took me a while to finish reading the book, after the course.  The book was a good mix of theory & real life stories.  Between the course & the book it has made me think a lot about my leadership style and also about how we can change as a church in our local congregation.

So with 2 more books added to the total that brings me to a total of 46 books read, so far this year.

What have you been reading lately?

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