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Pop Up Blog Zone

Recently I attended a Pop Up Blog Zone.  It was led by Janet from Middle Aged Mama who I first met years ago when she was the editor of Footprints magazine & she spoke at our MOPS group.  The topic was “Blogging for Money” which I have never really thought that I would do.  I mainly attended to meet with other bloggers in real life.

I’m so glad that I went & have realised that I should attend more real life blog events.

Janet shared how it is possible to make some money from blogging, potential income streams & what you need to do to start blogging for money.  We then shared an awesome afternoon tea.  I was very grateful that Janet had especially provided gluten & dairy free food for me.  (Would you believe I’m a food blogger & I didn’t take a photo of the yummy food!)  After this we had a Mastermind session where anyone could ask about any blogging issue & get advice/help from everyone else.

Here are some things that I learnt from the event:

  • that it is possible to make some money from blogging (not sure if I ever will)
  • I will probably need to move to a self hosted blog so that I can do more with my blog (whether or not I ever look at things like affiliate marketing or selling products).
  • I may need to treat my blog like work & have set times for working on my blog
  • I should attend more real life blogging events
  • I can probably add more to my existing blog & don’t need to start a 2nd blog

In regards to that last point I have been considering blogging about some of the things that I do in my role as Faith Formation Pastor but feeling like I couldn’t manage another blog.  During the mastermind session I was reassured that this blog “Feed My Family” with the tag line “body, mind, heart & soul” would fit with posts about passing on faith & intergenerational events we run at church.

So watch this space you may see some changes to this blog in the coming months.

If you’re a blogger do you attend many real life blogging events?


3 thoughts on “Pop Up Blog Zone”

  1. Thanks for coming along, and for sharing your thoughts on the Pop Up Blog Zone, Jillian! I’m sorry there weren’t more bloggers for you to meet but it sounds like you learned something and had a good time 🙂

    1. PS I would agree you are better off sticking to one blog and doing that well, than trying to do two. And, going to more blog events is a great idea – you’ll love it! I look forward to watching your blog grow and develop 🙂

      1. Thanks Janet! I’ve been starting to look at some of the resources you listed at the end of your handout. Not sure I’m understanding everything I’ve read but am starting to get some ideas of my next steps.

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