July Reading Log

This month I only managed to finish 2 books.  I nearly finished 2 others, one of which I have stopped reading but I will finish the other one.

Reading Log July

So the books I read were:

Magnifeco by Kate Black

Reading this followed on from Wardrobe Crisis which I read in April.  I have been borrowing & reading a couple of magazines related to the topic of ethical clothing (Slow & Peppermint), one of them had a review for Magnifeco so I borrowed it from the library.  There were chapters on make-up, clothing, accessories & footwear all with a focus on how to be more mindful of looking after people, animals & the planet.  There is so much to consider but Kate talked about working out what was important for you & used the acronym V.A.L.U.E.  VALUE stands for Vintage (really anything second hand), Artisan (handmade or specially made), Local (locally made), Unique & Ethical (looks after people, animals or the environment).  You may not find a product that fits all those categories but work out what is important to you.  For example something locally made may not use organic products but do you want to support a local business?  At the end of each chapter there were a list of businesses to support & which part/s of the acronym they upheld.  I would highly recommend this book if you want to consider what clothing or beauty products you are purchasing.

Bourbon Creams & Tattered Dreams by Mary Gibson

Set in the early 1930’s this book shares the story of Matty Gilbie a working class singer who has just run away from a powerful man.  There are a number of twists and turns in the novel.  A great read & I’ll probably read more of Mary Gibson’s novels.

When do I read?
I plan to read a little each day but it doesn’t always happen.  I read a good amount of Magnifeco on a 2hr plane flight & finished it on the flight home.  I then started the novel on the homeward plane flight & finished it over the next week or so.  I try to read a little each afternoon or evening but often end up watch tv with my husband.  I sometimes read while waiting to pick my son up from the bus (though that is happening less, now that he is driving) or when I’m waiting for an appointment.  I think I just need to put my phone down & pick up a book more often.

When do you get time to read?

So in July I read 2 books which brings my total to 31 books for the year to date.

What have you been reading lately?

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