Converting Recipes

I often use recipes that are American.  As I’m in Australia with Australian measuring cups & spoons sometimes recipes don’t quite work out.  If the recipe is all cups or parts of a cup measurement as it’s the same ratios, it usually works out.  I have had no problems with this Gluten Free Apple Crumb Pie Recipe, though I have converted the butter to grams.  The problem tends to come when you use a few eggs or some ingredients are in cups & some by

I had an American recipe for Teff Brownies that I’d never made before and it had measurements in cups, ounces, teaspoons & eggs.

I thought to have a better chance at success I needed to convert the measurements.  The ingredients were:

  • butter (tbs/sticks)
  • chocolate (ounces)
  • eggs
  • sugar (cups)
  • vanilla (tsp)
  • teff flour (cups)
  • walnuts (cups/ounces)

In the end I converted just about all of it to grams.  For the butter I just googled “sticks of butter to grams” and came up with this great butter converter on  The chocolate & the walnuts were easy to convert as any ounce to gram converter would work.  I could have just switched by scales to ounces when I measured these but thought since I was converting, I’d convert it all to grams.  I thought the sugar & the teff flour were going to be harder to convert but the converter I used for the butter has lots of different things, including teff flour.  So I just googled “american cup sugar to grams” & got a sugar converter from traditional oven. At first I had googled “american cup sugar to australian cup” but 0.95 of a cup is not very helpful & quickly realised I was going to need to convert to grams.  I did the same for teff flour and ended up on the same website.  This website also has options to choose different units of measure as well as a lot of other different ingredients.

And how did my Teff Brownies turn out?  They were slightly gooier than the brownie recipe I normally use though it was a pretty similar recipe apart from using teff flour.

I think the converter I have found will be useful in converting other recipes or just when converting recipes to gluten free when the flour is measured in weight not volume.

If you are wanting to know the weight of 1 cup (metric 250ml) for some common ingredients this page might be helpful.

Do you prefer to weigh your ingredients or use cup measures?




2 thoughts on “Converting Recipes”

  1. Thank you for the link to the conversion site. I personally do not like to use cup measurements. The weight of one cup of teff flour is probably not the same as a cup of, say, amaranth flour, and in baking, especially bread, will make a difference. I post my recipes in grams and ounces hoping that people have a kitchen scale!

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