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Last Week’s Menu – 13 February 2017

Last week I managed to make a couple of quiche like slices for my children to try as lunch options.  I made No Green Stuff Veggie Slice which I took to my friends house for lunch with a small group of ladies.  There were a couple of slices left but my children didn’t try it.  I also made Bacon and Sweet Potato Slice which my son & I had as part of our lunch for most of the week.  I made it gluten free but my husband didn’t try it.

In terms of baking last week I managed to make chocolate slice, peanut butter cookies & Choc Chip Quinoa cookies (these were adapted to make them gluten free from this Choc Chip Oatmeal Cookie recipe).  I just used a gluten free flour blend with baking powder instead of the self-raising flour and used quinoa flakes instead of rolled oats.  My son & I both particularly liked these cookies & will make them again.

For dinner last week we had:

Monday:   Quick Chilli Beef

Tuesday:  Chilli Beef Meat Pies using the leftover Chilli Beef from the night before.

Wednesday: Baja Steak

Thursday:  Mexican Meatballs

Friday:  Frittata ( I used ham and salami sticks in this one, instead of roast beef.)

Saturday:  Planned to have Creamy Tomato Chicken but when I found no chicken in the freezer on Saturday morning, pulled out some pre-cooked sausages and made Potato Sausage Pie instead.

Sunday:  Leftover Potato Sausage Pie

What has been on your menu or what have you baked recently?

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