Reading Log – January 2017

Early in January I was reading an email from Tsh of The Art of Simple in which she said that her goal was to read 60 books this year.  My first thought was wow that’s a lot but then I realised it is only 5 per month.  It made me wonder how many books I read in a year?


Generally, I only read fiction books during school holidays or when I go away as otherwise I get nothing done until the book is finished.  Throughout the year I will read non-fiction books and generally have several on the go at once.  Some I might start & then come back to months later.  I have also recently started enjoying biographies & will look for ones on display when I go to the library.

After reading Tsh’s email I have started a notebook in which I am going to record about a book when I finish reading it and this way I’ll see how many books I read in a year.  Then I decided that I should add a post to this blog once a month, a bit like Janet from Middle Aged Mama, Fashionomics Reports that she writes each month.

Originally I thought this didn’t really fit with my blog but since by blogs tagline is “body, mind, heart & soul”; I decided that this was about feeding the mind.  So I’ll try and post at the beginning of each month the books I’ve read the month before.  This might also make be finish a few more of the books I’ve started, so that I’ve got something to add to the log each month.

So here is my first months reading log:

Dilly’s Lass and Dilly’s Hope the 2nd & 3rd books in a series by Rosie Goodwin

I had read the 1st book in the series, Dilly’s Sacrifice a while ago and then found the second one at the library & put Dilly’s Hope on hold as soon as I had finished Dilly’s Lass

The Best of Me – by Nicholas Sparks

As always a great read from Nicholas Sparks.

A Mother’s Shame – also by Rosie Goodwin

Set in Nuneaton (where many of her novels are set) & also Australia (which attracted me to the book); about 2 women from very different walks of life, who find themselves unwed & pregnant in 185o’s England.  This is the story of how their 2 lives come together & what happens to them.

A Common Life – by Jan Karon

The 6th novel in the Mitford Series.  I have read most of this series now but not in order.  My plan next summer is to read this series in order.

Second Glance – by Jodi Picoult

Wow, people can be so cruel to other human beings.  Never heard of Eugenics that occurred in the 193o’s in America.  As always, for a Jodi Picoult book, it was well researched & well written.

So in January I read a total of 6 books.

As it was summer holidays, here in Australia, they were all fiction.  During that time I was reading some non-fiction as well but didn’t finish any in January.  I am currently reading a book with an online book club so will finish that book this month.

What sorts of books do you like to read?  How many books do you think you’d read in a year?

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4 thoughts on “Reading Log – January 2017”

  1. Thank you for this post, I love reading, but since I only do it at bedtime, I usually move very slowly, maybe a book every other month. Have you read “The Light Between Oceans”? It was recommended to me by a French co-blogger. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A movie came out but I haven’t seen it.

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