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This week I tried a new seed & nut sandwich bread recipe.  I enjoyed it fresh on the first day and then toasted most days since.  I had heard about things with sunflower seeds going green but hadn’t seen it myself until I made this bread.

green bread zoomed

Apparantly the sunflower seeds contain chlorogenic acid which reacts with the baking powder causing the green colour to occur.  Now that that question is answered on to the real reason for this post.

I think the hardest thing about catering for our food intolerances has been trying to find a bread or substitute that we like.

My husband mainly has corn thins or rice thins in place of bread or toast as many of the commercial gluten free breads have sulphites or hidden sulphites in them.

I have tried a number of different bread recipes but my husband doesn’t like many of them.  He does however like this bread roll recipe.  This produces a soft, bread like roll that is quick to make and easy to work with.  A couple of times I’ve made them for lunch on Saturday and we have the leftovers with bacon & eggs for breakfast on Sunday.

I also make this Grain Free Sultana Spice Bread which is very much like fruit toast and we enjoy it cooked in the toasted sandwich maker for breakfast.

I also like a few other seed breads and this Homemade Crispbread as a bread alternative.  I have made the homemade crispbread as smaller sized crackers suitable for dipping but next time I will make them bigger.

When my son was first diagnosed with his food intolerances it was very hard to find bread without soy or sulphites in it, even though he can have wheat.  I found a commercial rye bread but he didn’t like the taste.  I also found that it clogged me up.  I ended up making Wheaten Bannock (a bit like damper) with a recipe from a little Scottish recipe book I have.  He ate this for quite a while.  Then I did find a few brands of breads & rolls that don’t have soy which we started using.

Do you have a favourite bread recipe?

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