Have Fun, Work Hard, I Love You

Recently I watched an interview with Tim Elmore  (on the D6 Days Online Conference).  First of all he was talking to parents of athletes but he also gave a lot of great general parenting advice.

He gave advice on what to say before and after watching your children play sports.  I had heard the what to say after the game previously – “I love to watch you play”.  This is great advice and something to remember for after watching your children perform whether on the sporting field, or a music performance, or at debating, etc.  Tim suggested that before the game you say “Have fun.  Play hard.  I love you.”  For more about this you can read an article from Tim Elmore here.

It struck me that this is not only relevant before a performance but a version of this could be said every time we drop our kids somewhere.  I was particularly thinking about before we send them to school.  So often it is a rush in the morning and I can be giving last minute instructions in the car or making sure my son knows how he is getting home in the afternoon.  However if I simply say something like “Have fun. Work hard.  Love you, mate.” as I drop my son at school or the bus stop I’m sure it will boost him emotionally as he starts the day.  When my kids go out I often do say “Have fun” or “Have a good day” but I think adding the other parts could be beneficial.

What do  you think?

Do you say anything special to your children when they leave for school or other activities?

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