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Mouth full of ulcers

Rather than sharing my full menu from last week I will be sharing what I attempted to feed my son.

Last week he had some sort of virus which included having lots of ulcers in his mouth.  As his mouth was really sore and his throat was quite sore as well he struggled to eat.  He was that hungry but when he did try and eat it was painful.  We did get something from the chemist to paint on his mouth every 3 hrs as needed.

There were a few days were he would paint this stuff on his mouth at the 3 hr mark and have a few mouthfuls of something before it just got to painful.

So what did I feed him:

  • cashew custard
  • scrambled eggs made with 2 beaten eggs and about 1tbs whole egg mayo.
  • jelly
  • soup – I had some sweet potato soup in the freezer
  • sushi
  • cookie dough – normally  I would never feed my children a whole batch of uncooked cookie dough but he ate a whole batch of cookie dough over about 3 few days.
  • fish & chips

I also offered him:

  • dairy free milk shakes (he wanted strawberry milk but I didn’t want him to have any dairy so offered to make him a drink made on some sort of nut milk)
  • chia pudding
  • green shake


I knew he was getting better when he ate a whole steak on Sunday & then proceeded to eat the rest of his sisters.

What other soft foods would you recommend for when someone has a sore mouth?

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