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Last Weeks Menu – 2 November

Last Weeks Menu was really not planned.  Since I worked Monday, my usual menu planning and shopping day, I just did a quick shop after work and bought what I thought we might need.  This did mean a few extra trips to the shop.

So the dinners that we did end up having were:

Monday – Leftover savoury mince with corn chips, the corn chips helped the mince go further.

Tuesday – BBQ with steak, sausages, cubed potatoes; served with carrots & peas.

creamy salsa chicken served with corn chips, cheese, lettuce & avocado.
creamy salsa chicken served with corn chips, cheese, lettuce & avocado.

Wednesday & Thursday – Creamy Salsa Chicken – I made up some macadamia cream as my daughter doesn’t like coconut.  Will be using this recipe again.

Friday – My husband & son had a GF/DF fry pan pizza and my daughter made herself a toasted sandwich as she was going out.  I was out.

Saturday – KFC (Krispy Fried Chicken) – made the coating with white rice flour as I didn’t have any brown rice flour and dipped the chicken in the coating, the egg & then back in the coating.  Always popular at our house.

Sunday – Ham steaks with pineapple, airfried potato & sweet potato chips with carrots & peas.  Both children enjoyed leftover ham steaks sandwiches for lunch today.

digestive marsmallow slice.
digestive marsmallow slice.

This week I have baked melting moments, coconut cupcakes (My daughter who doesn’t like coconut thought the shredded coconut was apple.  I used tapioca flour instead of buckwheat flour), chocolate slice, chocolate brownies & cracka-lackin crackle cookies.  I also made  a slice to use up some digestive biscuits my son had opened and not eaten.  I simply broke the biscuits up and then melted about 125g butter along with a handful or 2 of marshmallows, added more marshmallows & some cocoa to the biscuits, mixed it all together and set it in the fridge.  As our breakfast choices were getting a bit slim I also made some more  choc crunch granola .

What have you been cooking/baking lately?

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