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Last Weeks Menu – 5 Oct

As we were away at the Sunshine Coast for part of last week I didn’t do much baking but we ate some of what I had baked the week before.

I continued wigreen breaky bowlth Caralee’s Breakfast Challenge.  So in the last week I’ve had Green Breaky Bowl (pictured); Choc Crunch Granola (with dried fruit, banana & coconut milk or with
some puffed corn); Choc Banana Pancakes; Superfood Berry Smoothie; Puffed Corn (with just some rice/almond milk) & of course on Sunday we had bacon & eggs.  Most days I also had Lemon & Ginger Tea

My son made the choc banana pancakes.  He simply mashed a very ripe banana, mixed in 1 egg and a couple of tablespoons of cocoa.  Put a couple of tablespoons of the mixture in a hot pan with a little oil and then added some broken up bits of dark Lindt chocolate.  Quite a decadent breakfast but very yummy.

I did bake when we got home and made these yummy Melting Moments and Peanut Butter Cookies.  I need to remember to flatten my peanut butter cookies before baking as they weren’t quite cooked in the middle.

Dinner in the past week has been a mix of take-aways and fairly easy dinners.

Monday – Coles Free range BBQ Chicken with coleslaw and homemade potato chips.  I buy the dry coleslaw mix and add mayonaise that my family can eat.  For the chips I cut up potato & sweet potato, parcooked them in the microwave and finished them off in the frypan. (The oven in the unit is not that great).

Tuesday – The kids had bought pizza, my husband had corn thin pizzas & I had a stirfry with some vegies and some of the leftover chicken.

Wednesday – The kids had leftover pizza while my husband & I had an omlette with leftover chicken, ham, cut up salami sticks & chopped kale in it.

Thursday – BBQ with steak, failsafe sausages, cubed potato, carrots & peas.

Friday – A version of creamy tomato chicken with pasta.  I cooked the chicken in the airfryer while doing the vegies with the sauce on the stove.  This worked well.

Saturday – My husband & son went to watch Monster Jam live and took their own snack foods to eat.  My daughter & I went out for dinner and sharerissoles with sweet pot friesd a desert.

SundayRissoles cooked in the frypan with airfryer potato & sweet potato chips along with carrots & peas.

What has been on the menu at your house this week?

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