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Last Weeks Menu – 28 Sept

This week I’ve been trying some new breakfast ideas.  Thanks to Caralee from Real Food Pledge I’ve been using some of her breakfast recipes from her 7 Day Breakfast
Revolution Challenge.
  I’ve enjoyed all the recipes I’ve had so far and will make many of them again.

 Breakfast in the past week has included Tomato, Avacado & Egg StackTomato, Avacado & Egg Stack; Apple, Sultana & Almond Chia Bircher; Smoked Salmon Scramble; Apple & Berry Breakfast Cup; along with bacon & eggs for our usual  Sunday Breakfast.  Each day I have also enjoyed a mug of Lemon & Ginger Fresh Start Tea.  I made up some ChocCrunch Granola wLemon & Ginger Fresh Start Teahich my son has been enjoying, I’ve only had a little bit on the Apple & Berry Breakfast cup but plan to enjoy some more soon.  This has been aBircher change from my usual puffed corn and banana with almond milk.

When it comes to dinners this week, it has included a lot of leftovers, mainly as the kids were away from Monday to Friday and what I made on Tuesday lasted 3 nights.

  • Monday – leftover Quick Chilli Beef with corn chips.
  • Tuesday – Chicken Risotto
  • Wednesday – leftover Chicken Risotto
  • Thursday – leftover Chicken Risotto
  • Friday – Tric’s mince with corn chips
  • Saturday – leftover Tric’s mince
  • Sunday – Fish & Chips (We tried a fish and chip shop that had gluten free options).

I’ve only done a little bit of baking as we’ve been away at the coast on & off this week.  Hence why I froze much of the baking last week.  I did make a batch of chocolate brownies & some shortbread.  I also made some ice-cream based on a recipe that was shared on the Bellini Addicts Facebook Group.  It used a lot of cream and part way through making it I realised I didn’t have enough so used some coconut milk instead.  I mixed some dark Lindt orange chocolate into it.  I had leftover egg whites from making the ice-cream so made some chocolate macaroons.  In the filling I used some rice/almond milk.

What do you enjoy for Breakfast?

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