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Last Weeks Menu – 21 Sept

I’m going to start a new regular post on this blog to discuss what I have cooked or baked in the previous week. (We’ll see how I go).  I usually plan my dinners for the week and add them to my calendar.  We don’t always stick totally to it but it is a great start.  Each week I’ll try and compare what I had planned to what actually happens.

This past week I have done quite a bit of baking, some to eat straight away but the rest to freeze for future use.  So lets start with the baking.shortbread

Everything is gluten free and most is dairy free (sometimes I now use real butter in baking rather than nuttelex and my son seems to be okay.)

Peanut Butter Cookies

Cracka-Lackin Crackle Cookies (I had made these the week before and they had turned out great.  This time I used the left over pulp from the rice/almond milk I had made and changed the flours slightly and they were too runny and spread all over the tray.)

Chocolate Brownies

Shortbread (pictured, my husband loves it iced)

Pecan Shortbread (My son loved these and was disappointed when I froze most of them.)

Pusher Biscuits (My scales went funny so I ended up making the mix wrong and gave up on using the pusher machine and just rolled them out and cut them with cookie cutters.)

Chocolate Meringues (To use up some leftover egg whites from some of the other biscuits.)

Now onto the dinners:

Monday – Leftover Chicken Rissotto

Tuesday – Planned Pasta Bolognaise but was home a bit late, so quickly defrosted some sausages.  My husband barbecued them, along with some cubed potatoes (par cooked in microwave first).  We ate this with some carrots and peas.

Wednesday – Pasta Bolognaise from my Mother’s & Others Recipe book  (I had the leftovers heated up for lunch on Thursday.)

Thursday – Quirky Cooking Beef Stroganoff made with dairy free sour cream (both recipes are from her cookbook.  These dairy free sour cream recipes are similar.  I usually serve ours with rice not the cabbage noodles the recipe has.  I did however make some cabbage noodles to have with the leftovers for lunch on Friday.

Friday – Had planned to have leftover Beef Stroganoff but it was all gone, so we had Pizza instead.  I made a gluten free pizza for Murray and I and the kids made their’s on pizza bases, which have no soy flour.

Saturday – We went to my parents for dinner.  My favourite meal of the week!

Sunday – We had Quick Chilli Beef which we usually have with cornchips for nachos or with wraps for burritos. However I didn’t realise we had no wraps so we all had it nacho style.

That sums up most of the food for the week.  What have you been cooking or baking lately?

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