Something to Remember

I have been doing the Zero to Hero blogging challenge and todays challenge was to publish in a different format.  I nearly didn’t do this challenge but then remembered this Quote I read just after I started this blog.  I was doubting myself, especially as there are so many blogs for food intolerances out there.  However after reading this post and particularly the quote below I decided that I had something unique to add to the blogging world.

No human being who has ever lived (or will) can absorb, process and respond to life and experience the way you do.

What is it that you are called to do in your own unique way?

1 thought on “Something to Remember”

  1. I wandered over because we’re doing Z2H together. I have recently started “practicing Atkins” — as I call it — and adapting recipes to 1.) my tastes and 2.) low carbs… which often turn into gluten-free.

    I love your use of the quote form, and the reference back to the “original” (meant both ways!) post.

    I look forward to exploring your recipes. :>

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