Where I’m At

I started this blog less than 6 months ago and haven’t posted too much yet.

One of my reasons has been that a lot of the GF etc. recipes that I were using, I’m now not as my husband is reacting more and more to hidden sulphites, particularly in some of the alternative flours.

I am starting to use more alternative recipes and following more paleo or from scratch blogs such as Against all GrainQuirky Cooking and Clever Cook.  I haven’t really been using my own recipes but rather using their recipes with slight adaptions, if needed.  Some things have been gobbled down by my family and other things not so much.

A few days before Christmas I was really struggling to find any treats that I could make for my husband that he would like and could eat.  I’m still trying to work out a basic gluten free flour mix that will work when you cut out potato flour, tapioca flour and corn flour as they generally contains hidden sulphites. Today I made this grain free, yeast free, dairy free bread which was yummy. However I had to substitute homemade macadamia/brazil nut butter for the cashew butter as my husband can’t have cashews.

I have also got a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master which has been great and I can use a lot of Thermomix recipes with it.

As I experiment more I’m sure I’ll come up with more recipes to share.  I also want to share more of our story and what I have found out as we’ve been on this food journey for a few years.

What have you been cooking lately?

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