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I’ve Started a Blog

After living with multiple food intolerances in my family for over 3 years I thought it was time to share some of our journey.  My son was a reflux baby, toddler then child.  Finally we found a doctor who helped us discover his food intolerances.  We discovered he was intolerant to dairy, soy, preservatives and about 5 other things.  About a year later, my husband then decided to get the same test my son had. This then meant cutting more food from our diet as he was intolerant to wheat, oats, barley, cashews as well as some of what my son couldn’t have.  They both feel much better when they avoid the foods they shouldn’t eat.

On this blog I will also be sharing some of the recipes we use.  Recipes shared will generally be gluten free, dairy free, soy free and sulphite free.

Posts will occur once or twice a week.  I wish to share what I have learnt as our family has discovered more about food intolerances and what is in the food we eat.

So if you have food intolerances or cook for someone who does please come back here to find real recipes and ideas for coping with food intolerances.

I would love to have feedback from you as you read my blog.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Started a Blog”

  1. This is a brilliant idea! I have a major problem with sulphites and I’m figuring out some other things too, slowly…wheat, dairy etc…

  2. Angie, I’m learning more about where sulphites are hidden (thanks to a link you posted on facebook) and am contemplating whether I should attempt to make my own corn flour.

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